New Short Article – Walter Greenwood’s Press- Cuttings Book (1933-1974)

This new article discusses the three volumes of Press-Cuttings which Greenwood kept carefully up to date across a period of four decades, pasting each clipping into his Walker’s CENTURY Scrapbook & Newscuttings Book[s] and regularly updating the contents list in either red or green pencil. These are important documents, but also objects which Greenwood handled frequently and turned into a kind of curated exhibition about his own extraordinary rise from unemployed man to successful author.

See: Walter Greenwood’s Press Cuttings Books (1933-1974)

  • Best Chris.

1 thought on “New Short Article – Walter Greenwood’s Press- Cuttings Book (1933-1974)”

  1. I really enjoyed this Chris, and your interpretation of why the scrapbooks were so important to Walter. Glad to see you’re still making such good use of the Archive!


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