About the Author of this blog/website

Professor Chris Hopkins taught for the Open University before joining Sheffield Hallam University in 1990. There he became Head of the Humanities Research Centre until his retirement in December 2020 when he was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor of English. He works mainly on British writing between 1900 and 1950, with particular interests in working-class writing, women’s writing, Welsh writing in English, writing of World War 2, and popular fiction. He is also interested in book illustration, the visual arts, and film.

He has published three books: Thinking about Texts – An Introduction to English Studies, (Macmillan 2001, revised edition 2008), English Fiction in the 1930s: Language, Genre, History (Continuum, 2006) and Walter Greenwood’s Love on the Dole: Novel, Play, Film (Liverpool University Press, 2018).

http://9780230516489: Thinking About Texts: An Introduction to English Studies – AbeBooks – Hopkins, Chris: 0230516483

http://English Fiction in the 1930s: Language, Genre, History (Continuum Literary Studies): Amazon.co.uk: Hopkins, Chris: 9780826489388: Books

http://Liverpool University Press: Books: Walter Greenwood’s ‘Love on the Dole’

He is editor of the Reading 1900-1950 blog: https://reading19001950.wordpress.com/ and of the blog/website: Walter Greenwood: Not Just Love on the Dole: https://wordpress.com/view/waltergreenwoodnotjustloveonthedole.com . He is academic consultant for the Reading Sheffield community research group: https://www.readingsheffield.co.uk/