Walter Greenwood Web-site Development Plan

The Walter Greenwood: Not Just Love on the Dole site is under development, but is gaining some substance, with articles currently totalling just over 105,000 words.  Here is the plan at present, so readers have a sense of what is done already, and what is to come and when.

I will be adding fairly regularly a number of new articles about Greenwood. Already completed are thirty-eight more or less substantial articles on:

‘Greenwood’s Other Books’  (my introductions to ten of his novels, his two non-fiction works, and his memoir – the fullest published account of his complete literary oeuvre)

‘Greenwood’s Dust-Wrappers and Covers 1933 to the present’

‘Walter Greenwood: a Biographical Time-line’

‘Resources for Learning about Walter Greenwood.’

‘Walter Greenwood’s Short Stories.’

‘Walter Greenwood and Arthur Wragg’s The Cleft Stick  – an Introduction’

‘Walter Greenwood and Film’

‘The Film of Love on the Dole (1941)’

‘Why is Walter Greenwood important?’

‘Walter Greenwood’s Creative Partnerships.’

‘Love on the Dole in Sheffield: a Unique Story.’

‘Love on the Dole – a Concise Commercial Adaptation (1939)?’

‘Love on the Dole and the Clergy’

‘Walter Greenwood and the Spy: an Incredible Story’

‘Walter Greenwood’s Finances and Love on the Dole’

‘Walter Greenwood’s Tie’

‘Walter Greenwood and the Delta Bombers’

‘A Second Walter Greenwood? Edward A. Hibbitt, Salford Novelist’

‘Love on the Dole – a Home-made Dust-wrapper’

‘Walter Greenwood: a Biography’

‘Cape and Penguin Advertise Greenwood’

‘Three New Autobiographical Pieces by Walter Greenwood’

‘Walter Greenwood on Radio and TV’

‘Walter Greenwood and Dora Bryan’

‘Walter Greenwood and Gracie Fields’

‘Walter Greenwood and Robert Donat’

‘Walter Greenwood and Robert Newton’

‘Walter Greenwood and Thora Hird’

‘The Autodidact’s Introduction to Love on the Dole: the Nelson Anthology of Modern Drama (1936)’

Love on the Dole: ‘Programmes Jealously Preserved’. 1935-2010′

‘Love on the Dole: an Australian Glass-slide Cinema Advert, circa 1942’

‘Love on the Dole: the Cigarette Card’.

‘Fame: Love on the Dole (the Play, 1934, co-written with Ronald Gow)

‘Love on the Dole in a time of Full Employment: Granada/ATV’s Television Adaptation (1967)’.

Love on the Dole: a Second Cigarette Card (1935)’

‘Walter Greenwood and his Father’s Trade (Hairdresser)’

Love on the Dole: the Actors (1934-1937)’.

‘Mr and Mrs Buslingthorpe Go and See Love on the Dole (Grand Theatre, Leeds, May 1934)’

Fairly soon there should be about forty articles of varying length on a range of topics covering Walter’s whole writing-career from the nineteen-thirties to the nineteen-seventies. The aim is to produce a helpful and full range of resources for those interested in Greenwood’s life and work and in the way he represented the working-people of Salford and other parts of Britain. Most of these articles are new and original pieces based on new research and resources since my Greenwood book was published in 2018.  I think I should be able to achieve my original goal of forty articles by the end of December 2020.

However, there will be further articles after that – there are still quite a few unresearched aspects of Walter’s life, work, reception and reputation to work on.

Do follow the site so you can see what new material is added over the next few months! (click on the ‘Follow’ button at the left-hand bottom corner of the page).

– best wishes Chris Hopkins