Cape and Penguin Advertise Greenwood

These two adverts come from a 1935 theatre programme and a 1971 theatre programme, but both have in common the expectation that theatres will have book-shops, or kiosks, and that going to see a play may generate sales of the author’s other books. Of course, some large national theatres still have book-shops (The National, the Globe, the RSC), but most theatres now do not.

Cape Advert 1935

This Cape advert comes from the Garrick Theatre programme from the first London production in 1935.

Garrick Programme 1935

This Penguin advert comes from the Mermaid Theatre programme from the first London performance of Hanky Park, the stage-version of Greenwood’s memoir, There Was a Time (1967).

Penguin Advert 1971


Mermaid Programme 1971