New Article: Eleanor Roosevelt Goes to see Love on the Dole!

I have referred to Eleanor Roosevelt’s positive response to the play before, but this is a more detailed account. Greenwood, when he was arguing against the censorship of a film version of Love on the Dole over a period of five years ( from 1935 to 1940), said that the three million people, including members of the clergy and the King and Queen had seen the play version without there being any problem. He didn’t say, but might well have added, that the charismatic and influential First Lady of the US had also seen the play , and given it nothing but praise, calling it a contribution to contemporary ‘social thinking’.

See: Eleanor Roosevelt Goes to See Love on the Dole, Shubert Theatre, New York, 1/4/1936 – Walter Greenwood: Not Just Love on the Dole (

  • Best, Chris

PS this is the fiftieth Not Just Love on the Dole article.

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