New Article: Screenwriter Barbara K . Emary Looks Back on the Making of the 1941 Love on the Dole (1988)

I was delighted to find this interview with the screenwriter Barbara K. Emary, which was collected in 1988 as part of an excellent oral history project on the British Entertainment Industry. Her personal memories of working on John Baxter’s film add some further insights into the production processes of the film and allow us to see traces of some censorship issues carrying on even into the period of filming itself. Even the Ministry of Information (MOI) and the wartime change of context could not, it seems, wholly release Baxter and his team from the attentions of the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) in the last two months of 1940.

Barbara K. Emary (Screenwriter) Looks Back on the Making of Love on the Dole (1988) – Walter Greenwood: Not Just Love on the Dole (

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