Latest Walter Greenwood News

26 April 2018. I have now completed the page which discusses all the dust-wrappers and cover designs of Love on the Dole since 1933 (but do let me know of any others I’ve missed).

30 April 2018. The section on the  cover designs of his second novel, His Worship the Mayor (1934) is now complete for the present (I hope to add a little more on the Czech edition and translation of this novel, when I have more information).

Next I will start work on  the cover designs of Standing Room Only (1936) and also on the Biographical Time-line page.

One more piece of news is that my Walter Greenwood book is out today in hardback (there will be a paperback edition in August): Walter Greenwood’s Love on the Dole: Nove, Play, Film

– Chris Hopkins

2 thoughts on “Latest Walter Greenwood News”

  1. Hello Hillary – glad you enjoyed the blog. It was one I wrote early on and is perhaps a bit long! but it does include all the cover designs of British editions of his books. What I haven’t yet found copies of (with one exception) are the US editions. I’ll keep looking! – Best Chris.


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