New Article: ‘Those Turbulent Years’ – Walter Greenwood interviewed by John Tusa (BBC Radio 4, 1971)

The British Library has a magnetic tape-reel recording of this interview listed on its catalogue. When I enquired about coming to listen to it in 2020, they said that it was in a very fragile condition, but soon after kindly made a digital recording so that I (and others) could hear this rare recording. Unfortunately, COVID and lockdown then intervened, but I was at last able to go the the British Library at the end of August 2021 to listen to the interview. This article is an account of the material in the interview, and of some contents not covered anywhere else in Greenwood’s publications or other interviews. The whole recording can be listened to at the British Library by anyone who has a Reader’s Pass, which can be freely obtained from the British Library. It is good to hear Greenwood’s voice, and John Tusa elicits some lively and individual memories of Salford between the first world war and the nineteen-thirties, as well as some acute reflections on Greenwood’s career as a writer.


  • Best, Chris.

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