New Material about Greenwood’s Rejected 1952 BBC Radio Script The Adventures of Harry Latham

In 1952 Greenwood submitted an idea to the BBC for a series of loosely linked plays called The Adventures of Harry Latham. The hero, Harry, is a retired businessman who wants to spend his time helping people who have fallen through the cracks: the plays were intended to be humorous but also to show the continuing need for volunteering and neighbourliness in post-war Britain. The BBC seem to have given the proposal serious consideration, but in the end turned it down. With the help of Dr Gary Morrisroe at Salford University’s Department of Media & Arts, I have written the first account of what Greenwood probably wanted to do in this never to be broadcast series.

See new material at the end of this article: Walter Greenwood on Radio and TV – Walter Greenwood: Not Just Love on the Dole (

Best, Chris.

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