New Article: Love on the Dole: the Actors (1934-1937)

The sustained success of Greenwood and Gow’s stage adaptation from 1934 until 1937 (with a revival in 1939) was a theatrical phenomenon. Some of the cast had well-established careers already, but for many, appearing in the play made their names and launched life-long careers. The biggest star to emerge was Wendy Hiller as Sally Hardcastle, but there were others too, including Ruth Dunning (who took over the role of Sally when Hiller went to take the part in the New York production of Love on the Dole in 1936). I am especially pleased to be able to reproduce photos and documents from the personal collection of Barbara Stockton, who played Helen Hawkins from 1934 until 1939, and also to be able to reproduce an excellent set of photographs of the Garrick 1935 production originally published in the wonderful and sadly defunct paper the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (15/2/1935).

  • Best Chris

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