New Photograph: Walter Greenwood and Pearl Alice Osgood

Though their wedding on 22 September 1937 was widely reported in the national press and in dozens of regional papers, relatively few articles included photos of the couple. Indeed though Pearl was a star in her own right I have not found many photos of her in the press alone either. I am very pleased therefore, with the efficient help and kind permission of the Illustrated London News/Mary Evans, to be able to reproduce a photo of the author and the dancer the year before their marriage, published in the Tatler. Greenwood was presumably returning from his visit to the USA to help with the Broadway production of Love on the Dole, where he met Pearl at a theatrical party. She appeared in a number of shows in the UK that year. I’ve added the photo to the Walter Greenwood: a Biography article, about half-way through.

  • Best Chris.

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