New Article: Walter Greenwood and Dora Bryan

Walter Greenwood and Dora Bryan worked together twice, in 1945 and 1949. Neither project went perfectly for Dora, but it really wasn’t wholly Walter’s fault. In one case working with Robert Newton while he was drinking was problematic, and in the other case both Greenwood’s Lancashire humour and Robert Donat’s ill-health played a part.

Walter Greenwood and Dora Bryan

  • Best Chris.

2 thoughts on “New Article: Walter Greenwood and Dora Bryan”

  1. Thanks Ian. I’ve always found it hard to judge Greenwood’s personality – some contemporaries suggest he could be prickly – and he and Donat certainly fell out from time to time. They always seem to have made it up, and Greenwood was invited to Donat family events quite often, even if their professional collaborations were not the successes one could have wished for. – Best Chris.


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